Our autumn essentials

Our autumn essentials


We have to admit, fall is definitively our FAVE season!

We asked our team what their fall essentials are to feel warm, cozy and fashionable during this season. So here it is:

1.  A new case from our fall collection. Changing your phone case for one that matches autumn colours and decor is SO satisfying, right? 

2.  Fall candles are the best. We love  pumpkin, cinnamon, and any  other delicious sweet scents for this season. 

3. Changing your perfume for a fall/ winter vibe. We have a crush on spicy, woody, and sweet fragrances. 

4. Comfy clothes and loungewear outfits are definitively a mood during fall (all year long for us). 

5.  A new book to read or a new series to watch. We've loved these netflix shows: Sex education, Tiny pretty things, Sense 8, Animal kingdom, and Ozark.

6. Cooking an apple crisp or any other cinnamon-apple pastry. Yummmm! 

7. We all know the famous pumpkin spice latte and we're still in love with it! We also like to have some delicious coffee cream at home to cheer up our morning coffees. 

8. Having a new planner, agenda, and notebook is the best way  to be organized. Also, you can always find so many designs and choices at your favourite local shops or bookstore. We also love to support local artists by getting one on Etsy.

9. Having a phone loop and a new screen protector for your phone for all of your next autumn hikes! (Also useful if you're a clumsy person LOL) 

If you need some good fall music to cheer-up your days, make sur to follow us on Spotify

Your ears and your AirPods will thank you for this, especially with our new AirPods case collection.

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